QMv Radiant ceiling

Summer capacity @ dt10°C 106,55 W/m2 EN 14240
Winter capacity @ dt20°C 151,91 W/m2 EN 14037

The Proterceiling QMv radiant ceilings are installed on standard commercial use bearing structures as 24 mm T-BAR profile or Fine Line profile. The modularity depends on the structure that has a pitch of 600/675 mm on which it’s possible to mount panels 600, 1200 or 1800 mm long. The radiant panels can be smooth or micro-perforated in design according to the need.

Using lowered model QMv 248, it is possible to construct an airtight radiant ceiling at pressures up to 50 Pascal. The airtight execution needs the application of a semi-permanent double-sided tape seal laid on the T-bar of the false ceiling and a plasterboard panel is placed above the radiant panels as a counterweight to ensure a perfect seal over time.

The radiant panels are joined permanently with copper pipe exchanger and are connected among them with pushfitting hoses with double o-ring and anti-extraction safety to guarantee high speed installation and triple safety of seal.


  • accessible while the system is running
  • airtight execution on request
  • SaniPaint+ antibacterial coating on request
  • execution speed



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