Mira Baffle radiant ceiling

Summer capacity at dt10°C 178,90 W/m2 EN 14240*
Winter capacity at dt20°C 243,70 W/m2 EN 14037*

*Values referred to Mira Baffle: height 20 cm, 20 cm of space among them

Mira Baffle is a cooling and heating radiant ceiling with great radiant and convective capacity, made of micro-perforated panels to maximise the sound absorption.

It’s a tailored system in which dimensions, colour and micro perforation can be customized to satisfy every design’s demands. The free gap between two baffles can vary from a minimum of 70 mm / 3 in up. Also base and height dimensions can vary.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante

In special applications or areas of buildings with high winter heat loads it’s possible to use the Mira Continental version with radiant plank suspended at the bearing structure between the baffles.
In this way, the radiant component percentage of the system is increased against the convective. Thus is possible to reach higher heat outputs per square meter without increasing the water supply temperature that would cause warm air stratification phenomena.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante

Its main feature is a great sound attenuation due to variable hole size and open percentages and the sound-absorbing materials inserted into the baffle that reduce background noises.


  • High sound absorption
  • Four seasons high comfort
  • Easy integration of sprinkler, light and ventilation systems
  • Zero formaldehyde


Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


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