The Proterfloor radiant floor heats and cools your homes, offices and leisure places. The advantages of radiant flooring include:

Flexiblility • all rooms are independent and autonomous. You can select and program the desired ambient temperature of each room.

Health • the small temperature difference between the floor, walls and ambient air, prevents the formation of convection drafts that lift and carry the dust.

Invisibility • it occupies no space on the walls or ground.

Quiet • the floor of each room is acoustically insulated from below and along the perimeter.

Durability • no other heating system can boast an average lifespan of more than 150 years.

Ecology • the low temperature thermal fluids can be obtained from alternative energy sources.

Economic • compared to convective systems, Proterfloor allows savings in excess of 25% with the same thermal comfort.


New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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