Yesterday and today

Aldo Rebuli founded the company in 1974 as an import export company. In the beginning it started selling gas infrared heaters imported from the USA.
Later he introduced water based underfloor heating and radiant chilled ceiling systems imported from several European countries. After spending many years as a distributor, the company became a manufacturer and now is selling its own high quality radiant heating and cooling systems. The family owned business is a private limited company.

What we manufacture

we manufacture radiant heating and cooling systems (ceiling, floor and wall). The experience matured over these years allows us to promote, coordinate and provide modern installation solutions which are comfortable, reliable, energy-efficient, and in compliance with the architectural and environmental requirements.

How we work

to guarantee high quality products, all the materials are designed, produced and tested inside our company with the help of professionals and qualified external laboratories. Our team will provide solutions targeted to the need of every construction site, support architects and engineers in their design process, instruct the installation companies and the end user to fulfil your project.

Research and quality

our radiant systems are tested by independent international laboratory. The thermal capacity according to EN 14240 and EN 14037, the sound absorption according to UNI EN ISO 354 and UNI EN ISO 11654

Our aims

to develop modern, high quality and reliable radiant heating and cooling systems in order to maximize room comfort for occupants and to give a climatic thermoregulation system to provide the ideal temperature, humidity and air quality every day. We strive to increase reliable energy efficiency (running cost reduction) through the use of high end components and sustainable materials.
Our long term goal is to continue to provide the ultimate radiant heating and cooling solutions for next generation build projects, which far exceed our client’s expectations.

Our references

our products are essentially designed for offices, hotels, housing and healthcare facilities. The ability to provide solutions targeted to the needs of the building and the support to architects and engineers in the design and installation choices has led to our systems being used in major projects such as Fondaco dei Tedeschi, QA LABS Building Philip Morris, Maggiore Hospital and Pepoli Museum in Bologna, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Bocconi University in Milan, Auditorium by Renzo Piano in Rome and L’Aquila, Lagrange12 in Turin and Casa Hoval in Zanica (BG).

Our history – our aims

  • 1974
    Proter Imex started selling gas infrared heaters for industrial environment imported from the USA
  • 1979
    it started to sell underfloor heating systems. One of the first realization is Torri del Tonale
  • 1986
    direct production of underfloor radiant systems with moulded panels
  • 1994
    realization of the first metal radiant ceiling with iron pipe (1/2 in) at Zipperle Spa
  • 1998
    first test made in Stuttgart on Proterceiling radiant ceilings with elliptical copper pipe according to DIN 4715-1 (standard preceding to EN 14240)
  • 2005
    offices and laboratories of the Italian-Chinese environment and energy efficiency centre in Beijing, with more than 10,000 square meters of radiant ceilings
  • 2008
    Vega Radial, a trapezoidal radiant ceiling for buildings with round facades. Torri le Meridiane, Lecco
  • 2014
    the thinnest suspended radiant panel on the market. Piano Art, 135W/m2 in a thickness of only 8 mm
  • 2017
    Mira is a ceiling consisting of radiant baffles ideal for acoustic correction in environments with large dimensions

Proter Imex Srl

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