Vega Office radiant chilled ceiling

Summer capacity @ dt10°C 106,55 W/m2 EN 14240
Winter capacity @ dt20°C 151,91 W/m2 EN 14037

The Vega Office radiant ceiling is composed of a parallel loadbearing exposed structure on which the panels are attached. The structure has variable width and usually is perpendicular to the glass windows in order to serve as a base for the moveable walls in addition to accommodating vents, lamps, sensors and technical accessories.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante

The panels are attached to the structure with spring locks and bayonet fittings that allow easy opening of the false ceiling and ensure a complete inspection.

The surface of the panels can be smooth or perforated in design with the addition of sound absorbing and sound insulating materials. The structure and the panels are post painted with polyester powders in colors and surface finishes on request.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante

The radiant panels are permanently joined with copper pipe exchanger, are equipped with the solid coupling SafeSystem to the bearing structure and are connected among them with pushfitting hoses with double o-ring and anti-extraction safety to guarantee high speed installation and triple safety of seal.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


  • comfort
  • accessibility while the system is running
  • load-bearing stiff structure for movable walls counterthrust
  • always aligned panels with self-centering system
  • cleanable from the ground without the panels being lifted off


Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


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