Comfort and design in the offices

It’s very difficult to manage work environment’s climate because it must satisfy different people and at the same time it has to meet requirements as comfort, safety, energy saving and aesthetic. So it’s really important to choose the right air conditioning system because a comfortable work environment can improve performance and productivity.

The radiant heating and cooling systems can meet all these needs because they give:

- Uniform cool/heat distribution
- No draughts during the summer time
- Great acoustic comfort thanks to soundproof and anti-reverberation features of the radiant panels
- A safer environment because it hasn’t air draughts that can lift up dust and bacteria
- Design and aesthetic freedom because there are no obstacles on the floor

Furthermore with radiant systems it’s possible to achieve a fuel consumption’s reduction up to 30% and absence of maintenance cost.



Angelini Spa - Roma

Nuovo Polo Istituzionale - Monza e Brianza


Philip Morris Italia – Valsamoggia (BO)

Curia Generalizia dei Frati Cappuccini - Roma


I.M.A. Spa – Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO)

Hoval Srl – Zanica (BG) download


Centro Direzionale Meridiana - Lecco

John Guest Srl - Verolengo (TO)


Sede Unindustria – Bologna download

Oleificio Fiorentini Spa - Colle Val D’Elsa (SI)


NEW GKM ULTRA - NOW MORE EFFICIENT New plasterboard radiant chilled ceilings  - 85,9 W/m2 tested in accordance to the standard EN 14240 


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