Natural, just like the sun.

The sun does not heat up the air: air temperature at the height of 9,000 metres is less than – 50°C.   The air is heated through contact or convection with the surface of the earth, heated by the sun through irradiation.

In the same way, using Proterceiling systems:

  • The colder or hotter ceiling, in relation to the season, absorbs or releases heat in people, structures and furnishings in the environment;

  • The environment’s air is heated or cooled down by convection or contact with the irradiated surfaces and at a different temperature.

The advantages of the Proterceiling radiant ceiling are:

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and phono-absorption integrated into one, single product;
  • Energetic efficiency and savings – using the low temperatures typical of renewable sources;
  • Greater comfort – homogenous temperatures and the absence of draughts and noise;
  • No maintenance – no moving parts and no periodic cleaning required;
  • Natural, high quality materials – steel/aluminium panels, copper heat exchangers;
  • Customized aesthetics and architectural freedom – no floor or wall space occupied.



New Trifoglio Care Home Case Study.


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