GKM Acoustic A1
radiant ceilings

Summer capacity GKM Acoustic A1 COMFORT @ dt10°C 85,9 W/m2 - EN 14240
Winter capacity GKM Acoustic A1 COMFORT @ dt20°C 135,49 W/m2 EN 14037


The GKM Acoustic radiant modules are aluminium microperforated panels completed of copper heat exchanger ready for the installation in the acoustic false ceilings. The GKM Acoustic A1, otherwise of other plasterboard radiant ceilings, is microperforated in the radiant part so as not to obstruct the holes in the plasterboard panel.

The insulation is included in the aluminium panel and it can be in recycled polyester fibre with soundproof TNT or glass wool fibre Euroclass A1.

The GKM Acoustic A1 radiant module’s installation is very fast and can be done by a single person. Pushfitting hoses with double o-ring and anti extraction safety connect the modules in order to guarantee maximum safety seal.

The closure of the false ceiling with 10 mm thick plasterboard slabs it’s done at the end of the hydraulic installation after pressure sealing test therefore it’s possible to use any perforated or slotted soundproof slab. The sound absorbing features change depending on the holes percentage of the slab, on the void height and on possible insulating inserted layers.

Soffitto radiante


  • Greater phono absorbing, perfect for schools and offices
  • Laying of whole plasterboard slabs without compensations
  • Ceiling void accessible without cutting the system
  • Light, easy to move and install
  • 100% environment friendly and recyclable
  • 10 Bar operating pressure (15 on request)
  • The water system doesn’t need any chemical treatments or additives



HYGIENE AND SAFETY WITH SANIPAINT+ the biocide coating on Proterceiling radiant panels helps to preserve the ambient salubrity


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