The surfaces of workplaces are usually made with hard and durable materials for easy cleaning and maintenance. This means that they reflect the sound. The sound absorption factor of the false ceiling is very important in achieving good acoustic comfort.
The Proterceiling radiant panels can be perforated in design with open percentages and hole size on request. Furthermore, the panels can be equipped with high-performance acoustic veils and high-density acoustic insulation.


Compared to the systems with aluminum heat diffusers, the M Series copper heat exchanger occupies only a small part of the panel microperforation.


  • Choice among different solutions and sound-absorbing materials
  • Support by qualified external consultants
  • Measurements and field tests
  • Guarantee of achieving the required performance
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Greater intelligibility of speech


Case Study Classroom Fashion Research

The goal is to ensure a reverberation time of the room so that the word is intelligible, according to both the use of the premises and the current standards. While the reverberation time of the room to be treated can be estimate by mathematical calculations, for a more reliable prediction, we made on site measurement of the reverberation time ante operam.

The measurements in classrooms (8,7x6x3,6h m) with no radiant ceiling were:

  • reverberation time measured and mediated from 5 positions 1,05 seconds
  • STI Speech Transmission Index 0,61


Reverberation time in octave frequency

Test values refer to a steel false ceiling with 1,8 mm hole size, 19% open area, suspended at 300 mm from the ceiling.

The results of the measurements carried out after the Vega Office radiant ceiling installation have highlighted how the reverberation time and the STI index ranged from just good to excellent:

  • reverberation time measured and mediated from 3 positions 0,78 seconds
  • STI Language Transmission Index 0,65


Reverberation time in octave frequency


New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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