The supports and brackets of the radiant ceilings have a function of fastening to the structure of the building so that in the event of an earthquake any movement is solid with that of the main structure. To ensure an adequate rigidity and solid anchorage points to the structure it is necessary to combine three factors:

a - the connection of the secondary bearing structures to the brackets, to transmit to the latter the forces of inertia induced by the earthquake;

b - the type of support elements, which must be able to withstand the forces and transmit it to the bearing structure;

c - bracket to structure joining, which is usually the most critical and vulnerable element of the whole bracket system.

Proterceiling radiant ceilings are made up of a main “bearing” profile and a “cross” secondary profile with a stiffening function connecting orthogonally each main “bearing” profiles. The panels are locked with hooks and springs to the main “bearing” profiles. The reticular system made up of the profiles is thus rigidly connected in the horizontal plane.



Kappa Hospital, primary “bearing” structure and “cross” structure connected orthogonally.


  • Support from qualified anti-seismic professionals
  • Design custom pieces to keep costs down
  • On site coordination and supervision
  • Safeguard for the safety of people in case of earthquake
  • Operational continuity of mechanical plants
  • Increases the value of the property


Compared to lay-in panels (1), the Proterceiling Vega and Kappa panels (2) are equipped with the solid coupling SafeSystem to the bearing structure with harmonic steel springs and double steel safety cable.

Example of 2-way anti-seismic rigid bracket resistant to traction and compression.


NEW GKM ULTRA - NOW MORE EFFICIENT New plasterboard radiant chilled ceilings  - 85,9 W/m2 tested in accordance to the standard EN 14240 


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