Radiant cooling and heating system for Care Homes and NSU

Care homes and Nursery Skill Units (NSU) host people with different and particular requirements that therefore need specific buildings with heterogeneous areas.

Recreational areas, restaurants, offices, clinic and accommodation with specific features and requests funnel into a NSU. So, during the planning, it’s important to take into consideration all the different requirements in order to give an excellent service and support.

Using a radiant cooling and heating system means:

  • to join into one product air conditioning, ventilation phono-absorption especially useful in crowded areas as reception, offices, restaurant
  • to be able to use Kappa Hospital, the product conceived for healthcare sector that using SaniPaint+, the antibacterial post coating of the panels, increases the level of environmental health. It’s easy to clean and without maintenance.
  • to be able to install a monolithic appearance system ( GKM 500 Ultra) that allows to insert binaries for the lifting of patients or for curtains, in addition to lighting and ventilation systems.

Other advantages are:
  • Great comfort without air draft
  • Completely silent
  • 30% cost saving
  • Low temperature systems that may use energy from renewable sources
  • Unlimited life time
  • No floor space occupied


Altri vantaggi sono:

  • comfort elevato senza fastidiose correnti d’aria
  • completamente silenzioso
  • 30% di risparmio sui costi di gestione
  • impianti a bassa temperatura che possono impiegare energia da fonti rinnovabili
  • durata nel tempo illimitata
  • non ingombrano a pavimento




RSA Trifoglio - Torino download

Casa di cura Regina – Arco


Nuova casa della salute - Casalecchio di Reno

Casa di riposo Santa Maria di Zairo – Zero Branco


Consorzio sanitario Residenza Bellagio - Bellagio

Casa di cura Molin Laura - Pontassieve


Istituto Geriatrico La Pelucca – Sesto San Giovanni

Centro per Anziani Fiè allo Sciliar


Casa di cura Città di Lecce hospital Lecce



HYGIENE AND SAFETY WITH SANIPAINT+ the biocide coating on Proterceiling radiant panels helps to preserve the ambient salubrity


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