Shopping centers

Shopping centers care about hospitality, they are dedicated to sales but they are also meeting point, they were the first structures to use systematically air curtains to protect their entrances.

A comfortable environment is essential to facilitate wellness and pleasure of the people. Otherwise, the inconvenience sensation due to the climate change near the entrances, may reduce the concentration capacity and therefore the workers productivity and bother customers. Moreover, the absence of the doors facilitate the passage allowing complete freedom of movement.

Protervent air curtains:

  • Preserve summer and winter ambient temperature
  • It’s possible to use 100% of the selling surface
  • Remove squandering and reduce ownership cost
  • Ease the passage and delete door’s barrier


















 La Gardenia



 Mercatone Uno

 Prima Donna


 Elena Mirò






 Twin Set






 PAM Supermercati












New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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