Kappa Office radiant ceiling

Summer capacity @ dt10°C 106,55 W/m2 EN 14240
Winter capacity @ dt20°C 151,91 W/m2 EN 14037

The Kappa system is characterized by the totally hidden bearing structure placed above the ceiling panels. The panels are equipped with the solid coupling SafeSystem to the bearing structure with harmonic steel springs and double steel safety cable for a greater safety in case of seismic events and to allow easy opening of the ceiling panels and complete inspection.

Depending on the destination, technical requirements and the desired aesthetic finish, several variants are available.


  • accessibility while the system is running
  • load-bearing stiff structure for movable walls counterthrust
  • panels always aligned with self-centering system
  • cleanable from the ground without the panels being lifted off


New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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