Climate control systems

Thermoregulation is the brain of air conditioning system and guarantees ideal temperature, humidity and air quality every day. It also optimizes energy consumption taking into account factors such as system’s inertia, the external temperature, the exposure of the rooms, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building.

With the Protervision system it’s possible to regulate room temperature and humidity, flow water temperature and control dehumidifiers and air change. In addition, the system is remotely connected to control and set the environmental parameters.


Climate control units ProterVision are simple to use, have an intuitive menu that clearly indicates all the useful information for setting and adjusting the temperature and operation’s time slots. All the ambient probes are made on blind plugs of the same series and color used by the customer for the switches and the sockets.
ProterVision stores and displays graphically all the main operating parameters of the radiant system to facilitate start-up and optimization.


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