Proterceiling radiant chilled ceilings the alternative to traditional air conditioning systems

Energy efficiency that pays off - radiant ceilings from Proter Imex help reduce your building’s energy consumption and improve its eco-balance. Up to 30 percent of energy can be saved by using radiant chilled ceilings, which significantly reduces operating costs.

Room comfort that satisfies - To improve the room climate in your building over the long term, Proter Imex offers you high-quality products and systems for cooling and heating with the possibility to integrate other plants as ventilation and lighting.

Flexibility to meet all requirements - When it comes to functionality, individual preferences,design, mounting and integration options, the product range offered by Proter Imex is exceptionally flexible.

Long-term investment protection - Durable products with decades of operation are only one reason why your investment is protected over the long run. In addition, the value of your property increases because it is equipped with energy-efficient and comfortable cooling technology.

Impressively simple - Our products are extremely easy to install, without errors, in the shortest time possible and are ready for operation. No maintenance is required apart from cleaning.

COMFORT Quiet operation with no noise. Not affecting a class lesson or a good night sleep.

The air is transparent to radiation so radiant cooling has no direct impact on the air moisture content.
 Uniform cooling across the room giving a more even temperature distribution.

Naturally responds to the human body needs to radiate. 
 No drafts of cold air with unnaturally cold spot.  

More healthy, reducing problems associated with dust, pollen and other pollutants.
EFFICIENCY The low operating temperature fit well with renewable energy sources and district cooling

Fast response time (few minutes)
 Easy to install in retrofitting

Every room temperature can be independent
  Low energy demand.

Low operating temperature optimize the heat pump performances
AESTHETICS Completely invisible
Integration of the ventilation system
 Architects are free to create their personal ceiling design.

Free space in the floor and walls
 Integration of the lighting system
SAVINGS Low ceiling void, no need of large air ducts and plenum reduce the overall floor eight.

Less expensive to run. Low temperature systems achieve comfortable conditions at lower overall temperature.
 Durable with a reference service life of more than 25 years.

No maintenance required for the radiant chilled ceilings.No moving parts, no filters installed.
 Easy access to the ceiling void for service without stopping the cooling system.

Need just a small pump to distribute a great amount of energy.



NEW GKM ULTRA - NOW MORE EFFICIENT New plasterboard radiant chilled ceilings  - 85,9 W/m2 tested in accordance to the standard EN 14240 


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