Dekor M Radiant wood ceiling

Summer emission @ dt10°C 66,41 W/m2 EN 14240

Dekor M panels are made of gypsum and wood fiber with very high density (1.250 kg/mc) fireproof core, 14mm thick, veneered with natural wood essences and hemmed with true wood bar. The union of natural wood and high mass panels makes a false ceiling with thermal and acoustic superb performances, greater dimensional stability and moisture resistance. Thanks to treatments with intumescent paint of the wood covering, the panel has as a whole a great fire reaction, Euroclass B-s1,d0.

The different installation structures both exposed and hidden guarantee the respect of the most elevated aesthetic standard. The panels’ surface can be smooth, perforated or slotted with diameter, disposition and open surfaces’ percentage variable.

The active panels are integrated with a temperature distribution’s microperforated diffusor, prepainted in black colour, joined with a heat exchanger made of a serpentine copper pipe with elliptical section 15,2x6,1 mm devoid of braze welding with a pitch of 75 mm. The radiant pipe is permanently and elastically glued to the diffusor with a structural adhesive.


  • Aestetics and quality finishes
  • Greater phono-absorption
  • Avaiable in different woods and finishes
  • Can be inspected while the system is running
  • 10 Bar operating pressure
  • The water system doesn’t need any chemical treatments or additives



  1. Insulation
  2. Acoustic veil
  3. Copper exchanger
  4. Aluminium thermal diffusor
  5. Gypsum fiber panel with natural wood finish


HYGIENE AND SAFETY WITH SANIPAINT+ the biocide coating on Proterceiling radiant panels helps to preserve the ambient salubrity


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