Kappa Hospital radiant ceiling

Summer capacity @ dt10°C 106,55 W/m2 EN 14240
Winter capacity @ dt20°C 151,91 W/m2 EN 14037

Kappa Hospital radiant ceilings are the development of Fly Hospital and they have been modified and adapted to meet the needs of healthcare sector installations.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


The main advantages are:

  • Hygiene:
Dustproof - the entire Kappa Hospital ceiling is dustproof
Antibacterial - SaniPaint+, the antibacterial post coating of the panels, increases the level of environmental health. The panels can be cleaned with warm water or non-abrasive detergent without altering the bactericidal effect.
  • Safety
Antiseismic and vandalproof – panels are equipped with the solid coupling SafeSystem with springs coupled with restraint and safety lock to prevent the fall of the panel in the opening phase and for a greater safety in case of seismic events.
Selfbearing- once opened, the panel is supported by coated steel cables.


  • Easy maintenance
Washable from the floor - the panels are locked to the bearing structure and can be cleaned from the floor without being lifted off or becoming unhooked from the structure.
Always aligned – Self-centering clues, that always guarantee a perfect alignment of the false ceiling’s panels, are on the panel and on the load-bearing structure.


Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


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