Dehumidification with and without air exchange

  • support for the dimensioning of aeraulic pipes
  • wide choice of units with and without thermal integration
  • first start-up and assistance made by qualified technical personnel
  • "Night" program for absolute silence

  • manageable by the control and supervision system
  • easy to program and manage
  • brushless EC motors for energy saving
  • reduced dimensions, facilitating installation in false ceilings and corridors

The control of air humidity is essential to maintain optimal comfort conditions for the occupants and for the correct operation of the radiant system in summer. Furthermore, combining dehumidification with a controlled air exchange it is possible to guarantee a high air quality.

Proter Imex’s Aria dehumidifiers and Aria Fresh dehumidifiers with air exchange are able to meet all needs up to air flow rates of 2000 m3 / h per unit.

The Aria Fresh unit provides dehumidification of recirculated ambient air and external fresh air while maintaining the ambient humidity into the desired parameters. Heat exchange batteries (2) can also integrate the power provided by the radiant system at peak moments. The stale air exhausted from the bathrooms and kitchen passes through the heat exchanger (1) and is ejected.

Fresh air - The unit Aria Fresh can be used for the ambient air renewal only. In the heat exchanger, the stale air, before being expelled, yields energy to the incoming outside air which can be further heated or cooled by the water of the radiant system before being introduced into the room.


New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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