Proter Imex radiant ceilings enter the BIM World

Vega Office, Vega Executive, Kappa Hospital and Kappa Office digital parametric models are ready


The innovative design approach of the “Information Modeling” process imposes a more careful definition of the features of the materials used for the BIM designs’ creation.

Proter Imex defined the digital parametric models of its radiant ceilings’ systems (Vega Office, Vega Executive, Kappa Hospital and Kappa Office lines) to insert them into digital BIM designs.
For the development of these digital models of its products, Proter Imex availed itself of the professionalism of an engineering company specialized on M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) plant design.

Thanks to these models, developed with Revit® - Autodesk software, it’s possible to:

  • define structure’s and panel’s dimensions, in the manufacturer’s limits (length and width features can be customized on client’s needs).

  • define the “finishing” (ex. total micro-perforation, or with stripes or squares);

  • insert special panels with customizable cut out to insert other plants (the holes may have different dimensions and round or rectangular shape);

  • have a copper exchanger’s “automatic” representation, after the definition of parameters of coils’ number and length;

  • make an easier calculus of heating and cooling capacities of single radiant module;

  • make a description of the single elements’ features of the radiant system;

  • manage detail’s levels for visualizations in the BIM software;

  • manage B.O.Q. (Bill of Quantities) of the elements used in the design.



HYGIENE AND SAFETY WITH SANIPAINT+ the biocide coating on Proterceiling radiant panels helps to preserve the ambient salubrity


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