Underfloor heating Black Rapid

The Black Rapid radiant floor system is composed of a layer of closed-cell polystyrene foam insulation coupled to a rigid thermoformed coating. The panel is therefore particularly resistant to pounding during the construction site installation phases. The mould section also prevents radiant piping from slipping. The joining system with overlapping moulds makes it suitable for use with very fluid and self-leveling screeds.

  • External dimensions 1400 x 800 mm
  • Installation pitch 50 mm
  • Thermal conductivity ʎD Calculation value W/(mk) 0,034 (EPS 150), 0,033 (EPS 200)
  • Fire resistance Euroclass E
  • Protective rigid layer thickness 600 µm
  • CFC, HCFC, HBCD and HBCDD free


New Case Study Giovanni Paolo II Hospital - Ragusa (Sicily)


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