Protervent, an invitation to enter

An open door facilitates and promotes the passage of people and vehicles but connects environments with different temperatures and characteristics. Protervent air curtains create an invisible door that helps to preserve the comfort level in your buildings year-round with no energy waste or obstacles.

The 6 reasons to choose Protervent:

Comfort • a comfortable environment is essential to facilitate the wellness and pleasure of customers, shop assistants and employees. Air curtains keep the heat or cold inside places without annoying drafts and reducing absence for illness.

Open door policy • the freedom to enter in a shop watching the products like in the windows. The absence of doors increases space and makes it more usable by all. It contributes to reduce architectural barriers for whom carries strollers, suitcases, luggage and for disabled.

Energy saving • avoid outward energy waste, reduce the overall required capacity of air conditioning systems and therefore purchase/management cost and CO2 emissions. Protervent air curtains are equipped of controls to optimize energy saving and to reduce cooling cost.

Health • keep unwanted guests out of your environments such as flying insects, pollen, odors, dust and exhaust gases; protect exposed food and preserve optimal conservation conditions in refrigerating rooms.

Safety • quick movements without visual obstacles, any door to be opened or closed increase productivity. On the entrance of refrigerating rooms air curtains prevent ice on the floor.

Ease of installation • Quick and easy to install thanks to the “plug & play” controls and the connection cables supplied as standard. The maintenance consists only of the periodic cleaning of dust.


  • Sicurezza – spostamenti rapidi senza ostacoli alla visuale né porte da aprire o richiudere aumentano la produttività. Sugli ingressi delle celle frigorifere le barriere d’aria prevengono la formazione di ghiaccio sul pavimento.

  • Praticità – le barriere d’aria sono veloci e facili da installare grazie ai comandi “plug & play” ed ai cavi forniti di serie. La manutenzione necessaria per mantenere la barriera d’aria sempre perfettamente efficiente consiste solo nella pulizia periodica dalla polvere.



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