Barriere d'aria verticali serie Twisto

  • superficie curva cilindrica diametro 464 mm;
  • altezze disponibili da 1,5 a 3 metri;
  • costruzione robusta, installazione autoportante;
  • collegamenti idraulici ed elettrici dal basso;
  • colori e finiture personalizzate;
  • ugello di mandata ad alta efficienza Syncrostream;


  • versioni riscaldate ad acqua o elettricamente ed aria ambiente;
  • a richiesta controllo energy saving Tronic;
  • griglia di aspirazione microforata con funzione di filtro, pulibile dall'esterno;
  • cavo di collegamento plug&play da 6 metri di serie.


Twisto vertical air curtains

The unique cylindrical air curtains with rolled plates to obtain a perfect curved surface. Twisto series is available both painted in RAL colors upon request, and stainless steel casing. The Twisto air curtains are produced in single element up to three meters in height. Thanks to the fixed socket in the floor and the reinforced frame, Twisto air curtains are selfsupporting and do not require any additional fixtures.


  • Cylindrical curved surface diameter 464 mm
  • Available heights from 1,5 to 3 m
  • Strong structure, selfsupporting installation
  • Hydraulic and electric connections from the bottom
  • Tailored colors and finishes
  • High efficiency Syncrostream air nozzle
  • Heated water or electric and ambient air versions
  • Energy saving Tronic control on demand
  • Micro-perforated air intake grille with filter function cleanable from the outside
  • 6 m plug&play connection cable standard equipment

Maximum door’s width
Air flow
m3/h per ml
Thermal power
kW per ml
Twisto 5 1,5 1.900 8 41 - 56
Twisto 8 1,9 2.800 12 44 - 58
  Average values for linear meter of air curtain


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