Orbis exposed air curtain

  • available lengths from 1 to 3 m
  • tailored colors and finishes
  • high efficiency Syncrostream air nozzle
  • energy saving Tronic control on demand


  • HL version with 180° intake and outlet
  • micro-perforated air intake grille with filter function, cleanable from the outside
  • sliding guides of clamping
  • 6 m plug&play connection cable standard equipment


The Orbis air curtains range has a plain and stylish design. They are suitable for shops with big dimensions, managerial or commercial centers, airports and in general for all big buildings

They are available in three sizes among which the low noise LNX is the most suitable for the most demanding locations. In very big openings it is possible to remove the ABS sides and to install the units alongside.

 Max high of installation m
Air flow
m3/h per ml

Thermal power
kW per ml
 Orbis 53
 8 41 - 56
 Orbis 83,4
 2.900 12  45 - 60
Orbis HE
 3,6 3.300  14  44 - 62
  Average values for linear meter of air curtain


New Trifoglio Care Home Case Study.


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