plasterboard radiant ceiling

Summer capacity @ dt10°C 85,9 W/m2 - EN 14240
Winter capacity @ dt20°C 135,49 W/m2 - EN 14037


The GKM 500 ULTRA A1 cooling elements are completely independent from the bearing structure and the plasterboard finishing. They consist of an aluminum panel activated with a copper pipe heat exchanger, insulated in the upper part. GKM panels are connected together with push fitting flexible hoses which guarantee a perfect seal over time.

The capacity of a radiant ceiling depends on the percentage of active surface; that is to say, the surface of the ceiling which is covered by GKM modules. The active surface area does not correspond to the entire ceiling surface, thus it is possible to dispose freely of the GKM models in order to leave free space for other equipment.

Another component that influences the performance is the thermal resistance of plasterboard that is used as coating. The GKM 500 ULTRA A1 version uses plasterboard products specifically designed for radiant ceilings that can increase performance by up to +10 / 15%.

GKM panels are supplied ready for installation, complete with thermal and acoustic insulation. Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose between different materials such as polystyrene, polyester fiber coupled with non-woven acoustic fleece, or glass fiber coated with VN foil for the class A1 of fire reaction.

Soffitto riscaldamento e raffrescamento radiante


  • High-end comfort
  • No air draught
  • Ceiling void accessible without cutting the system
  • Laying of whole gypsum fibre slabs without compensations
  • Quick logistic and installation
  • 10 Bar operating pressure (15 on request)
  • 100% environment friendly and recyclable



New Mira Baffle radiant ceiling


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